Month: December 2018

Barriers and Motivators for UK Students in Writing Masters Dissertation on Management

0 Comments December 29, 2018

The arrival of new technologies is providing educators with opportunities to generate an assortment of effective learning environments.  The principle of this study is to analyze student perceptions about online courses in the framework.  Barriers and motivators for students are most important in writing a dissertation and on management. Post-secondary education The number of online […]

The Impact Of Moving From Home To University To Students’ Overall Wellbeing

0 Comments December 8, 2018

Moving from home is one of the most stressful life events for university students.  It is supposed as a long-term illness, loss of employment, bankruptcy and annulment.  Moving from home is a part of modern life and student’s life.  Moving is also common due to family breakdown, loss of employment or a catchment area for […]