Smartphones for Teachers

Smartphones for Teachers That Helps Them Stay Connected

Smartphones for TeachersJust like the student community, teachers can also make great use of smartphones to stay connected with the latest technologies and apps. Smartphone is also a nifty way to keep in touch with parents and students via relevant apps. Here are some of the top notch apps that can help teachers stay connected:

Buzzmob app

This app allows teachers to stay connected with the whole faculty plus students and parents. Teachers can easily get in touch with parents by sending them reminders or cancellations about meetings. The app saves the cost on office memos and helps teachers with managing various events at school.

VolunteerSpot app

VolunteerSpot app helps teachers to arrange for parent conferences and parent chaperones for school field trips. It also assists them in staying organized for group meetings, emails, etc.

Edmodo app

One of the best apps for teachers as well as for parents. Teachers can post students daily progress on this app and parents can stay updated by checking it frequently and stay updated about their child’s performance in class. Not only that, Edmodo app also helps teachers to create learning games for students which they can share with parents.

Class Messenger app:

Another great app to keep teachers and parents in close communication regarding student’s progress is Class Messenger. Through this two-way messaging app, teachers can discuss different strategies and work in collaboration with the parents for better outcome. Together parent and teacher can come on one platform and talk about student’s strengths and weaknesses in certain subjects. Teachers can even send photos, reminders and videos to parents who want to be engaged in their child’s learning.

Remind app

Teachers can send text reminders to students and parents, regarding tests and assignments using this free app. One nice feature about his app is that it allows teachers to arrange their messages according to subjects.

TutorNotes app

TutorNotes app acts as an assistant to teachers who give one on one tuition. It is especially effective for those educators who may be required to give individual lessons to students.

SmartDot app

It is a very useful app for teachers who are using slides regularly in their classrooms. The app can act as a remote control for Power Point presentations and Keynote presentations.

Attendance app

An app that is created by Apple to ease the burden of teachers in maintaining regular attendance, it also informs teachers about students’ habits in class by keeping track of them and enables swift memorization of students’ names through flashcards.

TeacherKit app

Teachers can stay on top of things like, students’ attendance and grades through this app. It is a kind of app that does all the basic work for teachers from creating seating charts to logging student behavior, from organizing their time to arranging activities, etc. This app is currently being used by over a million educators worldwide.

There are multiple apps available to keep teachers organized and connected. All they need to do is explore the endless opportunities offered by smartphones, which are preferably compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.