How Electronic Mail Helps In The Teaching And Learning

Electronic mail is a very useful educational tool. It can enhance learning and teaching curriculum.  It is an effective and accessible communication tool. It has a significant impact on communication skills.  Electronic mail helps us in learning and teaching. Electronic mail is useful for setting up appointments. It means that someone sends a message and it will arrive in milliseconds. It is on the reader when to receive and when to respond it. Let us discuss how electronic mail helps us in learning and teaching.

Mundane sorts

Email is useful for answering the mundane sorts of questions that arise in the mind of students. All of us know that students are dealing with different events in their personal lives.  Sometimes we think that a student needs specific help in their lives. Therefore, electronic mail is helping students.

Setting of appointment

Electronic mail is very useful for setting up an appointment. It is the easiest and most successful way to set up your whole routine. It is very beneficial for the students. You can contact your friends through E-mail.

Send to group

E-Mail is used to send a message to a full group of students. I use it to set homework assignments. Students send their preparation to me via Email (in this case, it’s all a part of their learning to use the system). I can also send out standard replies or corrections to the entire cluster.


Email is useful to discuss things between students. Everybody has the prospect to participate and their messages are sent to any or all members of the cluster. So, with the mail, all people can gain information about any event. E-mail is very helpful for the students as well as teachers. Obviously, Email can be used in teaching. All course participants should be ready to use it with success and fairly with confidence. The teacher can send information to the students. They can share their notes as well as assignments. The students should learn the method to use a Gmail account. Every students and teacher should create a Gmail account.

Proper method

They must understand how to use the system for receiving, causation and storing messages. Email should be an integral part of the course in order to gain success in life. It is very beneficial for the entire person. The life of students is becoming easy with the help of Email.  Nowadays, most students are sharing information related to the study. Teachers are sending lecture to their students. The use of E-mail is very common all around the world. However, it has many advantages for students and teachers.

How to use E-mail for teaching

The teachers can use Email in their daily work.  The teacher can send a lecture to their students. It is an easy method to develop knowledge in the students. This is useful, because, everyone knows the method of E-mail. It is easy to develop information in the class.  E-mail messages can provide guidelines about the examination. It can remind you about your exams date sheet.

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