10 Rules of Guest Posting That You Should Follow For Faster Results And Ranking

The process of publishing an article on someone else’s website is known as a guest posting. It is a great way to grow your audience because a guest post is helpful to you to connect with new readers. Along with relationship building, guest posting is also done to improve the SEO of a website. Its reason is that the host blogger can add a link of his website in the guest post. Over time, these links will improve the importance of the host blogger. As a result, his posts will be ranked high in Google and other search engines. In order to get faster results and ranking, you should follow these simple rules by the SEO manager of a renowned dissertation writing help provider company to write a blog post.

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  • Pick your targets

Guest posting is considered as an excellent activity of content marketing. Its reason is that it extends your reach beyond the wall of your brand and it provides a platform to secure your backlinks from the authoritative websites. Therefore, the first step to creating the best quality guest post is to find such domains that are providing more credibility to your content and brand.

  • Do your homework

There is no need to write a blog post just by picking a topic idea without investigating your targeted blog. Therefore, before writing and sharing a guest post on any blog or website, you should get the answers to the following questions;

  1. Who is the audience of this blog?
  2. What are the tags and categories of this blog?
  3. Is this blog using byline?
  4. Is the owner of this blog update the blog posts regularly or not?
  • Review the guidelines

When a blog offers guest posting, the owner of this blog will make some guidelines to share a blog post on this website. Therefore, it is also necessary for the writers to follow these guidelines. Its reason is that if they don’t follow these guidelines, their blog posts will be rejected.

  • Create unique and relevant content

There are some writers who think that they can share copy-righted and irrelevant content on a blog. This is a bad strategy. Its reason is that the owner of every website which is allowing guest posting will take an overview of all the guest posts and he will delete all the posts which are duplicated or which have irrelevant content.

  • Write to their audience

Another important tip to write the best quality guest post is that we have to write for the audience of the guest posting website instead of our website. Therefore, we should also be very careful while creating content for a guest post.

  • Write to an appropriate length

No doubt, most of the people are doing guest posting just for the purpose of getting the backlinks and they think that they can easily get backlinks just by writing 200 to 400 guest posts. They should come to know that every guest posting website has some rules about the appropriate length of the guest post. Therefore, it is also necessary for the writers to follow these rules.

  • Follow the stylebook used by the site

It is a fact that there are different stylebooks of different websites. While writing the guest post, it is necessary for us to follow the stylebook of the guest posting website. This stylebook can be APA, MLA or Chicago etc.

  • Don’t stop at publication

Most of the writers think that if their guest post is accepted, their work is completed. It is a wrong belief. Its reason is that after accepting the guest post, the writers should promote their guest post on different social media platforms.

  • Engage with the readers

Most of the guests posting websites allow their readers that they can share their opinion about the quality of the guest post. The writers should take an overview of their opinions and try to bring some advancement in their guest posts.

  • Include multimedia

Like other blog posts, it is also necessary for you to add appropriate images and videos in the guest posts. Its reason is that these images and videos will also increase the engagement of the readers.


If you publish content on someone else’s website, this is known as guest posting. Guest posting is helpful for us to create the best quality backlinks and to engage with the new readers. Some essential tips that you should follow while writing and sharing blog posts are that you should pick up your target audience, you should do your homework, you should review the guidelines of the website owner, you should follow the rules about the appropriate length of the guest posts, you should follow the stylebook used by the site and you should share your guest post on different social media platforms.