An Essay On, “The Stigma Related To Mental Illness And How It Impacts Patients’ Lives”

The stigma is a global issue. The stigma affects society in many ways, such as identification, treatment and overall perceptive. The history of mental stigma is the media misrepresentation and the false brand of the LGBT+ community. The stigma is not the thing of past. Mental illness is in our past and future.

  • According to John Adams,

“Who we are, is who we were “.

That quote accurately explains mental illness and the mental health of humans everywhere. Mental illness is the cause of personal distress and difficulty in everyday life.  Mental illness can be defined as a health condition that changes a person’s thought process, emotions, behaviour and body.

  • Mental illness

Mental illness has many effects on people’s education, employment, physical health and relationship. In 2018, only 69% of people were in mental illness. They are facing miserable conditions such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Stigma can affect the lives of people with a mental health problem in many ways. According to the Corrigan, “mental illness is diminished self-esteem and robs people of social opportunities.

  • Social distance

 Stigma is the form of social distance. This can increase isolation from society. The stigma can reinforce the feelings of exclusion and social withdrawal. Many people with mental illness are thinking negative sides of things. It is most important for all the people to think positive sides. The stigma has many bad impacts on the lives of people. Mental illnesses are spoiling the lives of people. The young generation is feeling that they are cut off from society.

  • Media

The role of media is also very important in the mental illness of the people. Nowadays, media are showing the bad sides of the things. The pessimism sides of the things can affect the lives of the people. Therefore, the role of media is very important in mental health. They should provide a positive thinking in the people. If they show the positive side of the things the young generation will feel free from mental diseases.

  • Employment

Many people are facing problems as an employee. These problems are affecting their minds in many ways. They are facing a problem to explain their CV due to an episode of mental illness. The government should provide a good environment to get rid of mental illness. Therefore, we can claim that the role of government is very important in mental illness. They should provide good opportunities for all the people in a society.

  • Implications for nursing

Stigma can affect many aspects of people’s lives. A brief episode of mental illness can have far-reaching effects on wellbeing’s, disrupting work, families, relationship and social interactions. It not only affects the health of wellbeing but also impacts on their families and friends. This can lead to further psychiatric problems such as anxiety and depression. If mental illness is treated early enough, it can reduce further ill health, and ultimate the task of suicide. A better enjoinment can overcome the bad impact of mental illness.

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